Clique Scientific Meeting (Glendalough) - March 2011

This Glendalough Scientific meeting took place on March 31st and April 1st 2011.  The first day included several talks by researchers from both UCD Dublin CASL and DERI groups and some invited speakers.  Below are photos from the hike which took place on the 1st of April and links to the talks presented the day before.


AaronMcDaid-Stochastic Block modelling.pdf284.33 KB
AnthonyBrew-Latent Space Mapping.pdf905.47 KB
ArthurWhite-Discovering User Roles.pdf356.39 KB
ConradLee-Detecting pervasively overlapping communities.pdf514.9 KB
CuongToTu-Visualization of Churners.pdf120.68 KB
DanArchambault-Proposed Interactive Demos for the Review.pdf962.92 KB
DarrenFitz-Noise Pollution.pdf333.94 KB
DerekGreene-Dynamic Community Finding.pdf3.17 MB
DonalMcGowan-Mobile Churn Prediction.pdf209.99 KB
FergalReid-Recent Work.pdf693.58 KB
GuangyuWu-Network Motif Profile.pdf1.36 MB
IsabellaGollini-Latent Space Joint Model.pdf1.56 MB
MartinHarrigan-EgoNav.pdf900.14 KB
MST-R Package for VBLPCM.pdf1.23 MB
UrsulaRedmond-Supervised Anomalous Structure Detection.pdf309.36 KB
Agenda-Clique Scientific Meeting–310311.pdf46.36 KB

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